Sofie Middernacht & Maarten Alexander


Sofie Middernacht (BE, 1985) and Maarten Alexander (NL, 1990) know how to find a perfect balance between form and content. Their series ‘Like Today, But More Like Forever’ focuses on a personal theme, namely the presence of mental and psychological problems in their own lives and that of their loved ones. Middernacht and Alexander use scans of bottles of medication, used to treat the psychoses and schizophrenia of a close relative, collected over a period of five years. Their innovative technique of layering acetate and perspex are used to create the pieces, which resemble having your eyes tested at the ophthalmologist. The distance between the prints, make for an image that can only be seen from a right angle. The vertiginous sensation evoked by the nebulous look fits perfectly with the content of the series. A restrained silence that tells a whole story.

(Based on a translation of a review by Sofie Crabbé published in Belgian contemporary art magazine HART)