Tamara Van San


Making sculptures for inside and outside spaces and giant three-dimensional installations Tamara Van San (BE,1982) plays skillfully with strings, plastic, ceramic, metal and others materials letting colors and especially forms freedom to triumph. Circles and ovals in different sizes dominate in her works, whose great variety - from small ceramic sculptures to big, illuminated thin sculptures in public places - let even the most critical eye find its pleasure. "Allowing the works to resolve themselves through the process of their own making, and at all times keeping the tendency toward decentred chaos at bay, Van San arranges coloured forms in space that attain a harmonic, if temporary, order - an order that suppresses its constituent materiality's potential to upstage the whole.
 She achieves a formal sophistication in her work without recourse to dry or well rehearsed technique. Instead, by sailing close to the wind in her embrace of the language and material of the everyday, she is able to transform the familiar, revealing a space of visual delight and complexity that exists beneath the semiotically vociferous surface" (Dan Howard-Birt, October, 2011