Kasper De Vos


(Be,°1988), lives and works in Ghent

Kasper De Vos collects components from his physical environment such as images, shapes and colours and stores/keeps them in his memory. Frequently it is there that he finds his material that is often human waste. Afterwards De Vos brings all of this together in his studio creating new combinations, which results in drawings, paintings, sculptures and even video. His works criticise the consumer society, but never doing this without a sense of humour and absurdity.

Exhibition view group show "Therefore, everything is light", Barbé Urbain gallery, Ghent

Exhibition view group show "Therefore, everything is light", Barbé Urbain gallery, Ghent


HISK – Ghent 2016-2017
AGORA –Berlijn 2013

HISK Ghent – post gradual studies 2016-2017 KASK Ghent 2010-2012
SINT-LUCAS Antwerpen 2007-2010

Solo shows
The Dance for Mobile Reception, Plus-One gallery, Antwerp May 2018
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Nederland 2018
ART BURGER PALACE Het Paveljoen, Ghent 2015 CATCH THE BIG FISH Antwerpen 2013

Group shows (selection)
Lust, Laughter and Liquor, Plus-One gallery and Sophie Van de Velde gallery, Antwerp March - June 2018
Therefore, everything is light. Barbé Urbain gallery,Ghent Jan-Feb 2018
The grid and the cloud: how to connect. Hisk final show, Brussels December 2017
ECCE HOMO Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp Nov. 2017-Febr. 2018
15/LOVE De school, Amsterdam Sept-Oct 2017
HOW TO LIVE TOGETHER Kunsthalle, Vienna Apr-Oct 2017
NOW BELGIUM NOW LLS 387, Antwerp 2016
Balls & Glory Rodolphe Janssens, Brussels January 2016
Facinator 252 CC Ekeren 2015
Projectruimte Middelheimmuseum i.s.m. lokaal 01 Antwerp 2014 CONSTRUCTIES EMERGENT Galerie Dunkirk 2013
The research and destroy of black mountain college W139 Amsterdam 2011

Aanschouw - creatie wedstrijd middelheim promoters Middelheimmuseum, Antwerp 2015
Shape the unknown - project with toestand on documenta, August 2017
Reis naar het morgenland FASE (i.s.m. Het Bos, Middelheimmuseum, Mkha, Plantin Moretus Museum, toneelhuis, theatermaker) Antwerp 2014 All problems can never be solved KVS, Brussel 2012

Creatie wedstrijd Middelheimmuseum 2015 Horlait Dapsonse