Simon Laureyns


Simon Laureyns (BE, 1979) uses the art of painting as his base layer of his works, without actually using paint, brushes or a painter’s palette. In order to create his works, this artist exclusively uses recycled materials that have already had their function in our society, by doing this he gives them a new life in and with his artwork.

His ‘8 Ball Paintings’, that are on display, are ready mades that can be perceived and are presented as paintings. The inspiration for these series of works and all handlings that come with it, were created during a game of billiards. Not only the tracks that arise on the table during the game, but also the table itself, for Simon Laureyns refer to how someone makes a painting: the act of taking some distance to get an overview, thinking about the possibilities and the game the artist has to play (in terms of forms, content, on the canvas and in the space) to come to an artwork. Marcel Duchamp also used to skip his painting lessons in the ‘Académie Julian’ in Paris, to go and play billiards. Simon Laureyns thus decided to reuse the canvas of the tables, without changing the format and leaving their entire life of spots, damages and degradation through playing the game and displaying them.

For this exhibition he opted to make an installation consisting out of green, blue and red 8 Ball Paintings, which he gave a female name for each piece. By doing this the artist makes the abstract paintings more personal. The name provides the work a face. This series of works are so deeply integrated in the space that they look like doors. The space between the works is also essential and plays an unmistakable role.
 (text by Inge Braeckman)